Expressions With Words of Taste

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Be sweet on : to be in love

Jackson is sweet on Sally.

Short and sweert : without delay.

Don’t waste time telling me what the problem is. Just give it to me short and sweet.

Sweet nothings : words of endearment between lovers.

Billy is whispering sweet nothings in sally’s ear.

Sweet talk: pleasant but usually insincere talk only to get what you want.

Sally didn’t fall for billy’s sweet talk.

Sweetheart/sweetie/sweetie-pie: a loved one, darling

Sweets: candy.

To have a sweet tooth: to be fond of sweet food.

Cynthia ha a sweet toot; she can finish a box of chocolate in just minutes.


Bitter end: the Very end/death.

The two enemies fought to the bitter end

Bitter pill : anything that is hard to accept.

Having to lose his sweetheart to another guy is for Billy a bitter pill to swallow

Bittersweet : pleasant and painful at once.

Billy ha bitter sweet memories of his life with Sally.


As salty as a herring: very salty

Eat one’s salt : be a guest

I don’t like the idea of that bum Ronny eating my salt.

Salted : experienced

Mr. Smith is a really salted salesman.

Saltwater(fish) : living in the sea or in water like seawater.

Take with a grain/pinch of salt : not believe all.

You should take Danny’s story about his heroic deeds with a grain of salt.

The salt of the earth : person or people who make the world a beter place.

Helpful old Mr. Jones is considered the salt of the aeart by his neighbors.

To rub salt into the wound : to worsen a situation.

Tinna dumped her boyfriend Tony saying she was in love with his biggest enemy Sam. Now that’s rubbing salt in to the wound.

Worth his salt: competence, efficient

The Boss thinks the new employee is woth his salt


As sour as vinegar : very sour

Sour grapes: something that a person pretends to dislike because he can’t have it.



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