Passive Voice

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englsih-cornerPola dasar kalimat pasif adalah : To be + verb3

Bentuk-bentuk to be yang mungkin digunakan adalah : am, is, are, was, were, be dan been. Perhatikanlah perubahan kalimat aktif menjadi pasif dalam variasi kalimat berikut ini:

  1. Present

    A : He cleans the room.

    P : The room is cleaned.

Word Alert – Ergative Verbs

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PrintTalking about the future
In the movie on TV, the phone rings and the star says, “I’ll get it.” A little while later, he looks out the window and remarks , “it’s going to rain.”

 Now in both situations the character is talking about future situation, but why does he use “will” for the first and “going to” for the second? Confusing, isn’t it? Read on and be confused no more!

When you are talking about the future, you can often use either “will” or “going to”
            My brother will move to Medan next  week.
            My brother is going to move to Medan next week.
            How will you get the money?
            How  are you going to get the money?

Expressions With Words of Taste

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Be sweet on : to be in love

Jackson is sweet on Sally.

Short and sweert : without delay.

Don’t waste time telling me what the problem is. Just give it to me short and sweet.

Sweet nothings : words of endearment between lovers.

Billy is whispering sweet nothings in sally’s ear.

Sweet talk: pleasant but usually insincere talk only to get what you want.

Sally didn’t fall for billy’s sweet talk.